Olomouc the Floods
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Olomouc the floods

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The flood, returning after a century’s slumber, slipped out of the city as fast as it had turned up. In a short time we will find no trace of its raving left both on the ground and in our minds. It is because of the fear that this suffering will soon be forgotten that we are now presenting to you a flashback report on the dreadful hours when the flood was on its way through Olomouc, a story seen by the very eyes of the Redigy team.

A map of flooded areas in Olomouc.

A map of flooded areas in Olomouc. Click on the camera symbol for a picture from the respective place.

The authors would like to thank the Hanácké noviny, a local newspaper in Olomouc, for providing a set of pictures for publishing on this page.

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