* the Archbishop's Residence
* the Caesar's fountain
* the Cathedral of St. Vaclav
* the Hercules' fountain
* the Hradisko Monastery
* the Jupiter's fountain
* the St. Maria church
* the Mercury's fountain
* the St. Michael's church
* the St. Maurice's church
* the Plague Column
* the St. Mary Snow church
* the National History Museum
* the Neptune's fountain
* the Town's Astronomical Clock
* the Town Hall
* the St. Sarkander's chapel
* the Theresa Gate
* the Tritons' fountain
* the Holy Trinity Column
the St. Michael's church

the St. Michael's church

The baroque church of St. Michael is a dominant part the Olomouc panorama. The original, 12th century chapel was reconstructed in the 13th century in the Gothic style and again, in the 17th century, in the baroque style. The chapel features a preserved Gothic tower and a sacristy.

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