* the Archbishop's Residence
* the Caesar's fountain
* the Cathedral of St. Vaclav
* the Hercules' fountain
* the Hradisko Monastery
* the Jupiter's fountain
* the St. Maria church
* the Mercury's fountain
* the St. Michael's church
* the St. Maurice's church
* the Plague Column
* the St. Mary Snow church
* the National History Museum
* the Neptune's fountain
* the Town's Astronomical Clock
* the Town Hall
* the St. Sarkander's chapel
* the Theresa Gate
* the Tritons' fountain
* the Holy Trinity Column
the St. Mary Snow church

the St. Mary Snow church

The most dominant sight is the baroque Our Lady of the Snows church. It was stablished originally as a Jesuit church in 1712-1719 with works of Lucas Glockel and Michael Klein together with a master painter Harringer, who was the author of the ceiling fresco. The Helbig's organ from 1726 together with excellent acoustics are additional attractions of this church.

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