History of Olomouc the New Ages


the Tritons' fountainDespite raging of plague and conflagrations at the beginning of the 18th century, there was also created a collection of beautiful Barroque fountains with ancient motifes and 2 collumns of plague, the Trinity and Marian. In 1740 the Prussian king Frederick occupied Olomouc for two years without declaring a war. After this experience Olomouc was further developed in the field of constructions, considering another possible attack. The solution appeared to be very forward - looking because in less than 2 years after finishing the ramparts, Frederick II. arranged testing its functionality (like master like man). It passed with flying colors.


the Town's Astronomical  ClockDuring the 19th century, Olomouc did not industry, especially due to the tight encirclement of the town by the ramparts. This fact was mainly used by Brno for pointing up its advantage. In 1830, there was finished the theatre building on Upper Square, in 1841 the first train arrived to Olomouc. In that time the population of the town was approximately 15 thousand, two thirds of them spoke German. Later, when the Prussian army passed Olomouc with an absolute disinterest towards Vienna, Olomouc citizens, jilted by the disinterest of the Prussians started to liquidate the city walls not to restrict the growth of the town.


Estate housing 3. five-year planAfter establishing of independent Czechoslovakia, Czech inhabitants outnumbered other nationalities and this was even more considerable after joining other towns, today's suburban areas. According to census, in 1920, nearly 60 000 people lived in Olomouc, two thirds out of this number could speak Czech. The development of industry was stifled with the two wars, moreover the Worl War II. brought a destruction of architectural and cultural memorabilities. In the post-war period, an artist Svolinský gave a new mask to the destroyed astronomical clock, cranes built new city - walls, this time they were made of concrete and had 12 floors. And what will the situation in Olomouc be like later?

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