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the Hradisko MonasteryThe first mentions of Olomouc date back to the year 1017 when Moravia was joined to the Czech Premyslide state. Olomuc, snatched by Czech Premyslides from Boleslav Chrabry's bondage (he wasn't so fearless), starts its journey through history under leadership of the duke Bretislav. In the reign of the duke Bretislav, on the place of an old site of a settlement, a new calstle was built, with vast settlement around where the best known Olomouc St. Peter's Church stood, unfortunatelly not existing anymore. In 1063, there was restored bishopric by the duke Vratislav. 15 years later, in 1078 Otto Slicny established the best known monastery in Olomouc - "Hradisko". In 1126 Henry Zdík became a bishop who ordered to move the bishopric seat from St. Peter's Church to St. Vencesla's Church.


the Cathedral of St. VaclavIn 1182 the whole Moravia was united in a margraviate and the castle of Premyslides lost its dominant role of an administative centre, slowly disappeared and on its place there was built the deanery of the chapter. At the beginning of the 13th century the last of linia of Olomouc dukes died and a margrave, always a son of the king of that time, was appointed. In spite of these apparently adverse circumstances there began a steep development of economy and culture in Olomouc. The development of the town was heading to the west, towards the town markets, Upper and Lower squere in these days. In the middle of the 13th century, the town was surrounded with city walls and declared officially founded.


the St.Michael's churchYear 1306 brought slight excitement and sensation to the boring stereotype of economy bloom. During his campaigh to Poland, Vaclav III., the last Czech king of Premyslide dynasty, stopped for a visit in Olomouc. In the course of time we know that he should have done without his visit. After his murder the Luxemburg dynasty came into power and together with them there came another important development of the town. Olomouc as a crossroad became the largest market centre in Moravia. The town which the market was bringing a considerable profit to, of course, supported the lively busy marketplace, furthermore got various royal privileges, also including the right to establish another marketplace. Problems with Vietnamese merchants were not serious get. Together with the development of the trade, there also came huge construction development, especially in the field of church buildings. For example St. Catherine's Church and St. Michael's Church comes from that time. Later, in 1378 the margrave was forced to grant Olomouc citizens a permission to built a townhall.

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