* the Archbishop's Residence
* the Caesar's fountain
* the Cathedral of St. Vaclav
* the Hercules' fountain
* the Hradisko Monastery
* the Jupiter's fountain
* the St. Maria church
* the Mercury's fountain
* the St. Michael's church
* the St. Maurice's church
* the Plague Column
* the St. Mary Snow church
* the National History Museum
* the Neptune's fountain
* the Town's Astronomical Clock
* the Town Hall
* the St. Sarkander's chapel
* the Theresa Gate
* the Tritons' fountain
* the Holy Trinity Column
the Tritons' fountain

the Tritons' fountain

The Tritons' fountain from 1709 is a creation of an unknown sculptor. It was relocated here from the intersection of Ostruznicka and Ztracena streets in 1890.

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