History of Olomouc the Meridian Ages


the Town HallIn the period of Hussite wars, Olomouc did not support revolutionary movement but also radically opposed to it. Even in Olomouc, there were few dozens of Hussites executed which even today a proper Olomouc citizen is ashamed of. Hussitism was averse to trade development of the town, of course, if we don't consider a wide choice of maces and barriers of wagons in various modifications to be the trade development. There was no demand for expensive materials stained with blood. Trading paths, in this restless time were avoiding Olomouc and also the whole Bohemia and Moravia. After the Hussites wars, the town needed a long time to recover. Olomouc used the recovery for construction of the famous astronomical clock, finishing Gothic St. Moritz church and for preparations for a slow arrivel of Renaissance.


the St. Maurice's churchDuring 16th century, there again occured an expansion of culture, in Upper Square splendid palaces of nouveau riches grew almost in Renaissance style. In 1566, the Jesuits came to Olomouc, the purpose of their invitation was to carry out re-Catholicization. They founded colleges and a grammar school which was, in a relatively short time, in 1513 promoted to university.


the St. Sarkander's chapelOnly the Thirty-Year's War stopped the development of the town. Though, in the beginning the town was not distressed by war hardships, in 1642, after a short siege, Olomouc was captured by the Svedish. Then they stayed here on a visit for 8 long years and after their withdrawal, the town was brought to its knees. Most of t he town was destroyed, there were left only 2000 inhabitants out of 30 000 in the first place. Provincial authorities which had been evacuated in time, didn't return and Brno got the status of Moravian capital.

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