A word from the Authors

Virtual Olomouc

    Virtual Olomouc has no aspirations to be a perfect tourist guide of the capital of Haná. Virtual Olomouc is neither perfect nor finished.

    However, during its development we have tried to achieve what any perfect tourist guide can not - to express the look and feel of Olomouc as a breathing, living town.

    We would like to encourage our kind visitors themselves to judge our accomplishment.

    Now, please, go back and enjoy the The Virtual Olomouc.

    The authors would like to thank the following people:

    Viktor Otiepka for the arrangement and the performance of the theme "Daleká šeroká je cesta po Holomóc".

    Vladimir Trcka for translate.

    Milan Horinek for the photography of st. Trinity used on the title page.

The Authors

Jiří BJ Barbořík
Ondřej X. Doležal

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