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Riegrova Street
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You are facing the exit from Riegrova Street onto the Upper Square. You can see a part of St. Trinity column and the City Hall. On the right there is the BILLARD CLUB (num. 5).

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The burgher's house (no. 3) is a Renaissance building from the early 1500's, built on a Gothic foundation. It was later partially reconstructed in baroque and classicist style.

The burgher's house (no. 5) is a Renaissance building from the mid 1500's, later adapted in classicist style.

The Old Post Office (no. 19) is a three story Renaissance building with a preserved decorative portal. The third floor was added in the first half of the 20th century.

You can turn right to the Barvirska Street to the Svobody Avenue or left to the Riegrovy Street, view from Street Barvirska.