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Upper Square
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You are facing the center of the Upper Square with the City Hall on the right.

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The Town Hall was built originally as two Gothic buildings. It was completed in 1443. The further construction in the 15th century was done in late Gothic style, when the third floor was added. A later reconstruction in Renaissance style continued in the 17th century. The Town Hall horologe was created sometime in the 15th century, with various adaptations through the times. The latest adaptation from 1955 is from designs by Karel Svolinsky.

The Hercules' fountain from 1688 is a work of M. Mandik. It was originally situated in the place of the Holy Trinity Column.

The regional apothecary (no. 10) is a Renaissance building, later Finnish with an Empire facade. It replaced a former medieval structure.

You can turn right k end of Pavelcakova Street onto the Upper Square or left to the end of Riegrova Street onto the Upper Square.