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Lower Square
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You are looking along the left side of the Lower Square, on the right you can see a part of the Neptuns Fountain and The plaque column, on the left it is possible to depart into Panska Street leading to the Castle.

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The plaque column was built by V. Render, J. Sturmer and T. Schultz in 1723 to the commemorate the last plaque.

The Jupiter's fountain by F. Sattler and V. Render from the mid 18th century.

The Neptune's fountain by V. Schuller and M. Mandik from 1683.

The Capuchins' church is a baroque church of Annunciation of Virgin Mary with mosaics by K. Benedik.

The U zlateho jelena /At the Sign of the Golden Elk/ house is a four story building at the corner of the Upper and Lower Squares. Originally a Gothic house, the arcade and oriel date from the 16th century. The fourth floor was added and the facade adapted in the 19th century.

The Hauenschild's palace (no. 38) is a Renaissance construction. The corner oriel with figural relieves is from the period after 1583. The fourth floor was added in the 19th century.

The U zluteho lva /At the Sign of the Yellow Lion/(no. 34) Renaissance building was built on a foundation of original Gothic houses. The neo Renaissance facade was added in the second half of the 19th century.

A group of burgher houses, mainly at the entrance of the Upper Square to the Lower Square.

You can turn some 60 right along the right side of the Lower Square or left to the Upper Square.