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Denisova Street
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You are looking to the Denisova Street to the Republic Square, on the right there is the St. Mary Snow church.

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The most dominant sight is the baroque Our Lady of the Snows church. It was established originally as a Jesuit church in 1712-1719 with works of Lucas Glockel and Michael Klein together with a master painter Harringer, who was the author of the ceiling fresco. The Helbig's organ from 1726 together with excellent acoustics are additional attractions of this church.

The old university (no. 30) is a three story baroque building, rebuilt by Lucas Glockel in the beginning of 18th century from a Jesuit institute.

The house U zlateho beranka /At the Sign of the Golden Sheep/ (no. 28) was initially a Renaissance building, later redone in the style of baroque and classicism.

You can turn right to the University Street and the Castle or turn back to the Denisova Street leading to the Upper Square.