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Republic Square
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You are looking at Republic Square, in behind you can see the St. Venceslavs Cathedral.

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The District Library (no. 1) stands in location of the church of Virgin Mary and was built in 1854.

The Canons' residence (no. 3) is a baroque building from the years 1676-1680 with preserved Renaissance components. It replaced previous medieval houses.

The Jesuits' college (no. 4) is a baroque building from 1718-1722. It stands in a place of a monastery from 1230.

The National History Museum (no. 6) is located in the impressive building of the former church and convent of Poor Clares from 1773 - 1785. This property served previously as army barracks in conjunction with a library. A peculiar combination...

A Museum of Natural Science was located here in 1848. After the 2. World War it was integrated with other Olomouc museums and transformed into the present day museum.

The Tritons' fountain from 1709 is a creation of an unknown sculptor. It was relocated here from the intersection of Ostruznicka and Ztracena streets in 1890.

You can turn right onto the upper part of the Republic Square or back to the Denisova Street.