1st May Avenue, end of Mlcochova Street


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1st May Avenue, end of Mlcochova Street
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You are facing the end of the Mlcochova Avenue onto the 1st May Avenue.

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The Hana barracks (no. 1) is a four wing Empire style building built in a place of a Cartesian monastery in 1838 - 1846.

The Army house (no. 3) is also a four wing building. It was built in the place of the former Augustinian monastery sometimes in 1760.

The Canons' residences (no. 5) is built in the Renaissance style sometimes in the mid 1500's.

You can turn right to the 1st May Avenue leading to the St. Venceslavs Cathedral or to the 1st May Avenue, view from end of the Akademicka Street.