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Venceslavs Square
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You are on the Venceslavs Square with its four famous sightseeings.

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The cathedral of St. Vaclav was founded by the Prince Svatopluk sometime in 1104 - 1107. The church had been rebuilt several times, therefore the different architectural styles. After the fire in 1265 and in the middle of the 14th century the church was rebuilt in the Gothic style and at the end of the 16th century the middle steeple was added. A dramatic restoration in the neo-Gothic style took place in 1883 - 1892. This time the interior was renovated and on the south side the 100 m tall tower was added and also two shorter steeples were built on the original Romanesque towers.

The Premyslide palace was originally a Romanesque structure, connected with the north side of the cathedral. It was built sometime in the 30's of the 12th century. The Gothic ambit was built in the mid 1300's and decorated with paintings 50 years later. From the ambit you can access the Gothic chapel of St. John the Baptist, that was completed in 1414.

The chapel of St. Anne, built on an older structure from the 14th century, was added to the west side of the cathedral.

The baroque chapter deaconate consists of two wings. The east wing is from around 1640, while the west wing was added in the mid 1700's.

You can turn right to the St. Venceslavs Cathedralska Street or left to the Mlcochova Street.