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Olomouc ZOO is situated in the beautiful environment of Svatý Kopeček, eleven kilometres from the town centre. The area of the ZOO is 42,5 hectares.

The ZOO breeds more than 200 species of animal and has over 1000 livestock. It also participates in the preservation of many species included in the European Endangered Programme (EEP). Their enclosures are indicated with the symbol of a rhino with young and the name of programme. Regular reproduction of baringo giraffes and antelopes (gemsbok, addax) and Bactrian and Arabian camels ranks among the greatest achievement of our breeders.

The ZOO has also been sucesful in the reproduction of monkeys, e. g. cotton-top tamarins, siamangs and black gibbons. Olomouc ZOO has bred a Malayan sun bear, maned wolves and many felines. The half-apes, blac lemurs rear young regulary. Vulturine guineafowl, East African crowned cranes and greater flamingos are the most precious birds bred in the ZOO.

Olomouc ZOO is a member of European Association of Zoological Gardens and Aquariums.

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